March 2017 Meeting Notes

Notes from the March 2017 NMCSLT Meeting:

New Mexico Complete Streets Leadership Team Meeting Notes

Wed., March 22nd, 11:30am-1pm, MRCOG


Members Present: Maurice Williams, Erick Aune, Sarah Ijadi, Rachel Wester, Ann Overstreet, Valerie Hermanson, Kristen Woods, Kristal Metro, Dan Majewski, Dana Gorodetsky

  1. Multimodal Experience – NMASLA hosts each year in partnership with others. Friday, April 14 at MRCOG starts with presentations about local multi-modal projects 9am-1pm Lunch served then bicycle ride starting at 1pm 30 bikes reserved. Once the team has information about registration, it will be distributed via the list serv.
  2. CS State/House Memorials – Erick gave the update that Amy had emailed us. One addition – we’re going to be looking at identifying statewide stakeholders for a small gathering/meeting sometime later this year to start aligning the messaging and creating a plan for statewide legislation.
  3. Ribbon cutting – all felt it went really well and something we should do again. Ann at BikeABQ mentioned there’s an event in the international district on April 4 and thought it would be cool to have a ribbon cutting for Zuni. She didn’t have the details, but said the group (IDHCC/Healthy Here) was meeting on 3/23 and would send info as she had it and if a ribbon cutting is something they’re interested in.
  4. Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 19, from 6:30-8:30am. Two stops have been added and the poster is being finalized this week. Once it’s complete, it will be sent to the list serv. The theme is Pedal with a Pal and participants will enter a raffle for a private behind the scenes tour at the Bio Park Aquarium for 4 people.
  5. Light the District – Sarah provided the info/flyer on the upcoming event.
  6. MRMPO Active Transportation Committee. The goal of the proposed group was discussed. The committee would meet continuously as needed to inform active transportation projects MPO is working on now, but the committee might meet more regularly when MRMPO starts to update the next MTP. People interested in being on the committee should email Valerie (
  7. Monthly/Quarterly – The group discussed the possibility of having quarterly rather than monthly meetings. The group decided they would rather keep to the monthly schedule to keep momentum and communication lines open about CS. It was suggested that we reach out to the larger list serv to see if anyone else would be interested in leading more of this effort.
  8. Other – The team asked for a bike share update. The bike share planners are moving forward with bike share and have gotten a few steps closer to finalizing agreements to use federal funding for the larger program. Once “notice to proceed” is received work can begin on this project. The project is required to go to RFP to select a vendor, so it may or may not be the existing vendor. The federal funds can only be used for capital (bikes/stations) and not for operations and maintenance, so they will be looking for sponsorships for stations to pay for O&M. This will come with branding opportunities at stations, on bikes, in the app, and on the website. The plan is to grow to areas with good bike connectivity/infrastructure, so preliminarily the stations will probably go to UNM and Nob Hill areas. In anticipation of moving forward, Val is planning three pop-up meetings in April to get input about the program and share information. A flyer will be sent to the list serv once it is finalized.


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